Kitchen Worktop Specialists in Bromley

Stonemasons located in Bromley with over 35 years experience

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    • Kitchen Worktops
      Kitchen Worktops

      Choose from a wide range of Marble, Granite or Quartz. Hand finished for guaranteed quality.

    • Bathrooms

      Perfect your bathroom with a vanity top or cistern cover. We can help choose, supply and install your furniture.

    • Fireplaces

      From a simplistic modern to ornate classical fire surrounds and hearths, our team are on hand to help guide you.

    • Memorials

      Our Memorials are designed and supplied to your requirements for a personal memory in any stone, marble or granite.

  • Kitchen Worktops

    Kitchen Worktops

    • Bespoke Kitchen Worktops
      Bespoke worktops are the perfect way to complete your dream kitchen.
    • Stuck for ideas?
      We can help you design your kitchen from start to finish.
    • Restoration
      We can also repair chips, remove hard water marks, re-fill joints, intensify and seal.
  • Make your choice
    • Marble

      Want the classic look? Marble could be just what you are looking for.

    • Granite

      Or thinking of a more natural look? Granite is the perfect choice.

    • Quartz

      Or maybe go for the fantastic stain resistant properties of Quartz.

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